A Rare Glimpse of Total Solar Eclipse North Cornwall

20 March 2015

What an experience! We watched an extremely rare site this morning as a total solar eclipse of the sun unfolded before us. Between 8.00 and 9.00 this morning, the moon slowly moved in front of the sun blocking out most of the sun’s light. It was really eerie as we stood in the moon’s increasing shadow, as the light dimmed significantly at the most extreme point of the eclipse and birds took to the trees. Unfortunately North Cornwall is too far South for us to have seen the total eclipse and after a couple of minutes there was a sense of relief as the sun began to shine down on us once again and brighten our lives as usual.

The accompany photograph is one we managed to capture of this magical moment, even though the sky was a little cloudy.

For most of us this will have been a once in a lifetime experience, as the next total eclipse is not expected until 2090!

Scientists predict another “deep” partial eclipse that we will be able to see in the UK on August 12, 2026.

Other notable solar dates are:

  • August 11 2018: A small partial eclipse on the northern coast of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland.
  • June 10 2021: A partial eclipse across Britain ranging from 50% in northern Scotland to 30% in south-east England.
  • October 25, 2022: A partial eclipse across Britain with north-east Scotland
  • August 12 2026: An eclipse which is total across Iceland, the Atlantic Ocean and Spain
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