Save £hundreds, Book with Holiday Home Owners Direct

Save money: Book with Holiday Home Owners Direct

Set yourself free and save money by booking with the holiday home owners direct

There has never been a better time to save your hard earned money than when booking your UK holidays. Instead of using online travel agents such as Trip Advisor, HomeAway and AirBnB, consider booking with holiday home owners direct to save what could be hundreds of pounds in booking commission when using these agencies.

If you have ever found your ideal holiday cottage using one of these online travel agencies and then thought to search for the cottage owner’s independent website, you may have been staggered to see how much you could save by booking with the holiday home owners direct.

As a holiday home owner and a user of these agencies to market my home to you, my potential guest, I do of course expect to pay a commission when a confirmed booking is received via such a  website.   But what shocked me recently was the quotation I received when I play-acted as a potential guest and asked each of these agencies to quote me for a holiday in my own holiday cottage. I was staggered to find that each one added anything up to nearly £200.00 for the privilege of booking the holiday via their website!

Everyone has to earn a living so I have no qualms about paying a booking commission if someone books a holiday at my cottage via one of these online travel agents, after all they have provided me with a means to an end to renting my cottage. But to find that for guests looking to book accommodation are also charged a significant amount for using their website, it astounds me that more people looking for holiday accommodation do not take a little more time to search the web to find the holiday home owners direct, independent website in order to save themselves what could be as much as £100’s.

If you are looking to book a luxury, self catering cottage in North Cornwall, then start by looking at The Cottage, North Cornwall website and save yourself a substantial booking commission fee that you might otherwise need to pay by using an online travel agency.

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