Cornwall Strikes Gold Again

Port Isaac, North Cornwall, home to Nathan Outlaw's award winning fish restaurant

Port Isaac, North Cornwall

This time with an award winning fish restaurant just a 30 mins drive from our luxury Cornwall holiday cottages in Trelash.

In our little corner of Cornwall on the North Cornwall coast is a Cornish fish restaurant that has been named best in the UK, toppling the previous winner’s five year reign of the Good Food Guide’s Best Restaurant List!

Port Isaac’s Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, named after its owner, is now The Good Food Guide’s No 1 restaurant ending Cumbria’s L’Enclume, winning run.  Traditional favourites such as Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck and The Ritz have been beaten into 5th and 28th respectively in the Good Food Guide’s top 50 list.

Nathan Outlaw, a 39-year-old chef who founded the two Michelin star restaurant in 2007 and first made it on the list in 2009 at number 11, described the news as “phenomenal” and attributed the success to the “hard work of the team”.

The Good Food Guide, which is published by Waitrose, started ranking the UK’s restaurants way back in 1951. The guide restaurant list is assembled using thousands of recommendations sent in by the public. Inspectors are then sent to each of the chosen restaurants, incognito, before reporting back on their experience.

For many years North Cornwall has been ignored by tourists traveling down to the south coast, but with Nathan Outlaw, Doc Martin and Poldark all flying the North Cornwall flag, the message is getting across that we have so much more to offer than just a Cornish cream tea as tourist pass through.

Well done Nathan, a great achievement for North Cornwall, our local fishermen and the tourist industry.

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