Cornwall’s Bumper Summer

With the Met Office anticipating 2016 to be the hottest year on record, I know that I and fellow holiday home owners are hoping for a bumper summer this year.

Over the past few years terrorism, and particularly recent events including the Zika virus, have led to changing holiday patterns. Who knows whether this change will be here for long or short term. Two recent online surveys by revealed statistics that confirm 58% of travel agents believed the threat of terrorism is the biggest barrier to achieving sales targets in 2016. 34% of agents confirmed that they have already received cancellations due to the Zika virus.

Even well known high-street travel providers have noted changes in booking patterns for 2016.  It would seem that whilst we are veering away from holidays abroad, there has been a buoyant start to 2016 with increased bookings indicating that holidays are still important to us; we are just choosing to take them closer to home, with no compromise on the quality of our accommodation.

Over the past few years the UK has been quietly upping its game with notably higher standards of characterful, high quality accommodation, such as The Cottage, and Meadowview Cottage both situated in stunning North Cornwall, now available to discerning travellers. The good news is that leisure activity providers and experiences have upped their game too making UK holidays far more enjoyable than ever before.

Even better news for dog owners is that more and more luxury cottages in Cornwall have woken up to the fact that man’s best friend, really is just that and if holidaying at home in the UK, most people want to take their dogs with them. The Cottage and Meadowview Cottage both embrace dogs making them feel welcome with dog treats and outdoor washing facilities.

Not wanting to be left out, North Cornwall has seen a vast foodie revolution over the past 25 years. Rick Stein, was one of the first of the big name chef’s to lead the way, with other established names such as Nathan Outlaw (Port Isaac) and Jamie Oliver (Watergate Bay, Newquay) providing an abundance of outstanding eating experiences across North Cornwall.

For hard working parents, there’s help at hand from a wealth of high quality family activities in Cornwall guaranteed to leave the whole family feeling happy and content. Take a look at our recommended list of activities

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