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Dog Friendly beaches in North Cornwall 10 minutes from The Cottage North Cornwall

Dog Friendly Beaches in North Cornwall

Bringing your dog to Dog Friendly Britain?

Rubi my beautiful Hungarian Vizsla enjoying a dog-friendly holiday at The Cottage Trelash, at luxury Cornwall holiday cottages outside The Cottage a luxury cottage Cornwall

Rubi my beautiful Hungarian Vizsla enjoying a dog-friendly holiday at The Cottage Trelash, at luxury Cornwall holiday cottages

It is so much easier now to travel with our dogs. England is a very dog-friendly country and travelling by car throughout Europe with your canine best friend is so simple. I can vouch for this having recently travelled with my Hungarian Vizsla on a long drive through France and Spain before arriving in Southern most part of Portugal. It was an extensive journey made much easier by the fond reception Rubi received wherever we went and she was particularly made very welcome in the dog-friendly hotels we chose.

If you are planning a trip to England, Scotland or Wales with your dog, there are a few items you need to take care of before you leave home for a stress-free and enjoyable journey.


Visit Britain’s advice as to what your pet will need before entering Britain from an EU country includes:

  1. A microchip with identification number
  2.  Rabies vaccination
  3. Pet passportobtainable from your vet
  4. Tapeworm treatmentmust be given between 1 and 5 days before travelling to Britain. The treatment is not necessary if you travel from Finland, Ireland, Malta or Norway

Please be aware that additional rules apply if more than five dogs are being brought into Britain or if you are travelling from a non-EU country.

Banned Breeds

Some dogs are strictly not allowed to enter the UK. The ban applies not only to dogs of specific breeds, but also to dogs with similar appearances. Please abide with these ruling to avoid the heavy penalties that you may incur otherwise. If you own one of the following breeds or similar dogs please take note;

  • Pitbull Terrier
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Fila Brasileiro

Self-catering Accommodation

It is always wise to try and book your accommodation ahead of your planned journey, ensuring you have somewhere lovely to stay and with the reassurance that the accommodation welcomes dogs.   Britain is a very dog-friendly country but not all self-catering holiday homes are dog-friendly and welcome dogs through their doors, some may restrict certain breeds, so it is always a good idea to check before arriving on the door-step.

At The Cottage, available through the Luxury Cornwall Holiday Cottages website or their Facebook page one or two dogs are very welcome to bring their well behaved human families.