Dog Friendly Cottage Etiquette

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A Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage that Welcomes you and your Canine Best Friend(s).

As dog owners we need to ensure that when we take them to a business, shop, cafe, restaurant or any public space that welcomes your dog, that the experience for them, others in the vicinity and you, is a truly positive one.

Below are a few suggestions that will hopefully ensure that your dog is welcomed on a repeat visit.  Please try to ensure that:

  • your dog is clean, flee free and paws are mud free before entering
  • your dog is well-behaved and house trained
  • you always clean up after your dog
  • your dog is well trained and that it will respond to your commands
  • your dog doesn’t disturb others by barking, whining or begging for food
  • your dog does not pester others or jump up at them. Unfortunately, not everybody will love your dog as much as you do
  • although not illegal to take dogs in to areas that serve and sell food, it is at the proprietor’s discretion.  If they ask you not to bring your dog into their cafe / restaurant please respect their request without further ado.  Dogs must, however, stay out of food preparation areas
  • avoid situation where your dog may be able to touch other people’s food or beg for food
  • keep towels handy to wipe muddy paws, fur etc
  • please, never leave your dog unattended or unsupervised

These guidelines are as per the Kennel Club Petiquette poster

The Cottage Dog Terms and Conditions

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