Dog Friendly Holiday

Taking a UK Dog Friendly Holiday?

Britain is undoubtedly dog friendly, and we are renowned for being a crazy dog nation. A notion borne out by the fact we have a staggering doggy population of around 8.5 million dogs living with us in the UK. Many of us want to take our canine best friend(s) on a dog friendly holiday with us.  If you are seeking a luxury holiday home that welcomes both dogs and children, your search could well be over.

Dog Friendly Holiday Cottage in North Cornwall

My holiday cottage, The Cottage, in North Cornwall is dog-friendly, and welcomes dogs on a regular basis over its threshold.   I truly believe everyone who has brought their canine best friend(s) on holiday with them to The Cottage have been very considerate owners. But, with the pressure of loading up a vehicle with all the family’s holiday paraphernalia, it can be easy to forget your dog’s most basic requirements whilst travelling in a confined space for long hours in a hot car. So, please, if you are about to set out on a long motorway journey to your dream holiday destination, please take one or two moments to check your pooch will be comfortable and stress free.

Some Useful Dog Friendly Holiday Travelling Tips include:

  • Do not feed your dog within 2 hours of the journey.
  • Ensure your dog is comfortable with the space he/she will be allotted to travel in within your vehicle. If you have a crate this can be very useful to well define your dog’s space.
  • Make absolutely sure you have water readily available by using an anti-spill water bowl. Most importantly ensure you carry fresh water for refills, just in case you should suffer a motor-way hold-up.
  • Ensure plenty of fresh air is available and make regular stops along your journey for toilet breaks and leg stretching. For you, your family and your dog!
  • Ensure your dog’s ID tag information is up to date and that the tag is secured tightly to its collar.
  • Familiarise yourself with the country-code dog etiquette before you leave home. Chasing sheep and worse still killing sheep can result in your dog being legally shot by a farmer.

Packing list – the Essentials for your Dog Friendly Holiday

  • Seat belt clip for car travel
  • Bowl for water
  • Medication for travel sickness
  • Any other necessary medication
  • Old blanket to cover a sofa at your holiday accommodation
  • Towel(s) for drying your dog after a walk or a visit to the beach
  • Dog food (especially for fussy or sensitive dogs)
  • Bags to clean up after your dog

You can find a Pet-Etiquette guidance page on my website by clicking here:




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